- Left Path's Parallel Signal -
When the INTENSITY knob is set below 9clock, at say 830clock (8:30), a time dependent and less distorted, thick signal gets introduced in parallel with the LEFT PATH's waveshape. Set at 7clock, and the attack time of the parallel signal is almost instant. When Intensity is backed off and set to around 8clock it takes longer time for the parallel signal to fade in and mix with the main voice. NOTE THAT: The attack time can also be greatly manipulated through hard and soft picking on bass/guitar or by adjusting the attack of an oscillator's envelope.
Finally, at around 9clock (on Normal channel) the parallel is removed completley, while the fuzz is at its maximum, leaving the LEFT PATH's grainy, bubbling and harsh textures to soar freely on its own

(see demo for indepth explanation of the parallel signal).
Rich harsh thick and aggressive
is a stereo waveshaper fuzz and distortion that is compatible with bass, guitar, synthesizer and other line level signals (studio/mastering). Blend stagelessly between (waveshapes) the Left Path and the Right Path. Each of who has its own unique traits, abilities and character, which stands well on their own, but when combined complements one another to form true chaos and powerful energy. The Betrayer is for anyone looking for complex textures, feral transients, aggressive bubbling acid and thick, thunderous tones.


· Full Stereo / Dual Amp
· Stageless Blending
of the Waveshapes
· Normal Channel & High Gain Channel
· Line Level for Synth & Studio Compability
· 10 dB+ Low Shelf Boost
· Selectable Sub Bass from L out or R out or bypassed for a loud, aggressive sig. & crystal clear high end
· Subs (<85Hz) kept in MONO for clear, full & powerful low end
· LOW CUT for adjusting amount of low end going into the device
On lower Intensity (5 to 12 o'clock) the Left Path produces a warm, thick overdrive. When turned up to 9clock (maximum gain) it turns into a fierce and detailed acid-bubbling fuzz that bursts with such intensity it easily will overload most amps and soundscapes, with high mids that will split spines down the middle.
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Is a more stable, fat yet unconventional distortion that contains strange high end charges that rides the back of the notes and interacts with the performance. These charge's behaviors are sensitive and determined by volume adjufont-style: italic;stments / pick attack and the low end content of the source, whether that be a guitar, modular synth or a buss mix. This Path goes from thick and full (palm-mute-friendly) to notched-mids but without the cost of losing low end. When fully dialed it conjures out of control screaming high end splatter mixed with thick, overpowering sludge and grime.
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